May 27, 2021 • 57M

Chapter 2: Eric Cantor

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The Hangover with Chris Stirewalt is a limited-run seven-episode podcast that aims to explain what went wrong in 2020 for the GOP and how it got here after winning it all in 2016.
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With a country split practically down the middle when it comes to politics, it’s a truism that the GOP needs to broaden its base if it wants to win elections. But it’s hard to make progress when the party’s leadership is struggling to make heads or tails of its own voters, let alone outsiders. Republicans could stand to take a few lessons from former Virginia Rep. Eric Cantor, who was the House Majority Leader for the 112th Congress. Cantor tells The Dispatch’s Chris Stirewalt that he developed a necessary trait for a Republican coming to political consciousness in a deeply suburbanizing, ever-more purple Virginia: It was “a vision [to] add more people to the armies and champions of liberty,” and he makes the case that this should still be the priority for elected Republicans.

Show Notes:

-Richard Obenshain

-Virginia’s population boom

-Young Guns: A New Generation of Conservative Leaders

-Boehner’s “Dollar-for-dollar” plans

-Eric Cantor talks about a refusal to tell the truth in our politics

Chapter 3: Chris and Matt Continetti look at the rise of the New Jacksonians