May 27, 2021 • 39M

Chapter 1: Richard Brookhiser

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The Hangover with Chris Stirewalt is a limited-run seven-episode podcast that aims to explain what went wrong in 2020 for the GOP and how it got here after winning it all in 2016.
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The Hangover begins with Richard Brookhiser (American historian and longtime editor at National Review) making a statement that is both clear and simple and yet seems like a revolutionary point to be made among Republicans: “Trump had his day, but it passed.” The question remains, why aren’t they acting like it? Furthermore, how did the Republican grassroots go from Tea Partiers tidying up after themselves on the National Mall to rioters breaking into the Capitol in the space of just over a decade? Brookhiser explains this populist overthrow within the tradition of political factionalism stretching all the way back to Madison.

Show Notes:

-Founder’s Son by Richard Brookhiser

-I Love You, but I Hate Your Politics, by Jeanne Safer

-The Tea Party was notoriously clean

-Some U.S. cities are semi-permanently wrecked from 20th-century rioting

-Democrats have become the party of the rich

-The “anti-elitist” Democratic-Republican Party was made up of rich guys

-A giant list of Israeli political parties

-Brookhiser argues that liberty is the core of American politics

Chapter 2: Chris Talks With Eric Cantor