The Republican Party couldn’t even muster a platform for the 2020 election, so it seems pretty far-fetched that it could come up with any kind of serious autopsy to diagnose the causes of its defeat and the madness that came after. Looks like we’re going to have to do it for them.

Welcome to “The Hangover with Chris Stirewalt” – a limited-run seven-episode podcast that aims to explain what went wrong for the GOP and how it got that way. In a series of interviews with key figures and top analysts, Chris will not just dissect the 2020 defeat but fit it in a larger historical context.

It was just four years between Donald Trump taking the oath of office at the Capitol and the moment when an angry mob of his supporters besieged it. That was the shortest span in almost 70 years for either party to gain total control in Washington and then give it all away. But the 2016 boom and the 2020 bust were both substantially caused by the experiences of the party’s last trip into the wilderness following its 2008 defeat. 

For each episode Chris and a notable guest will examine a key part of the Republican coalition: The traditional pro-business establishment, the populists, the evangelical Christians, the right-of-center media and the consultant class. What changed with each group and what comes next? Can they avoid the same boom and bust cycle? How will they now try to appeal to a nation in a time of major political, demographic and economic realignment?


Chris Stirewalt
Chris Stirewalt is a contributing editor of The Dispatch.
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown is a reporter for The Dispatch.
Caleb Parker
A digital producer for The Dispatch. He previously was a producer at CBS News.